Happy cats!

happy cats

As pet owners we all worry about leaving our sick pet in hospital. Here at Northwest Surgeons we aim to treat your pet as if he or she were our own. We all want the best possible care for our pets and we are well positioned to deliver this.

To put your mind at rest, let’s follow one of our recent cases, Louis, through the hospital from the initial consultation through to his discharge home.

Louis is a 9 year old cat owned by Matt, our anaesthetist. Louis was suffering from diarrhoea, which failed to respond to the usual first line treatments. After some frustrating attempts to help Louis, Matt sought the advice of our medicine team who are used to dealing with cat gastrointestinal problems.
Every case at Northwest Surgeons receives an initial consultation with a specialist most suited to the animal’s condition. In Louis’ case this was with Dr Rebecca Littler, an RCVS specialist in internal medicine. Louis was admitted to the hospital for diagnostic tests.

Upon admission, each pet is settled into their kennel which is their home for the duration of their stay with us. Cats and dogs are kept in separate wards at Northwest Surgeons to minimise anxiety. The cat ward provides a warm, comfortable environment for cats and is equipped with pheromone diffusers to reduce stress. Most importantly the wards are staffed by nurses and animal care assistants whose role is the care of your pet. If this means spending hours a day sat in a kennel stroking a cat, then so be it! You can see why we love working here!

On Louis’ first day in hospital he had blood taken and then underwent an ultrasound scan. For a cat this is about as busy as a day can get so Louis spent the rest of the day snoozing – being interrupted every now and again for cuddles from the nurses.

After a good night’s sleep, Louis was to undergo endoscopy – a procedure whereby a camera is used to examine the inside of the gastrointestinal system. For this, Louis was anaesthetised which meant nothing to eat overnight and no breakfast. Oh dear.

Once the endoscopy was over Louis was back in bed to recover from his anaesthetic and start some medication. Food at last!

Louis stayed at Northwest Surgeons for a few more days to have medication and was then discharged home to get back to chasing the neighbours cats. No more diarrhoea. Hooray!