Life saving dogs!


For the past few years we have worked in partnership with Pet Blood Bank to run donation sessions to collect canine blood. Over 6000 dogs have donated so far! Could your dog be part of this fantastic effort? If you would like to register, please  contact Pet Blood Bank or call us on 01928 711400.

Did you know that just like the NHS we perform blood transfusions in veterinary medicine?  Blood transfusions for dogs and cats are common practice here at NWS for our sick patients requiring blood.

We are able to source the blood we need from two places – calling upon staff pets or from the Pet Blood Bank (PBB). Dogs have two main blood types – negative and positive. We keep a stock of both types of canine blood in at NWS ready for emergencies, but just like the NHS our supplies can run out, meaning we do not have blood readily available for our critical cases. Click here for our blog on cat blood donation. We made the decision to help out by hosting our own blood collecting session with the Pet Blood Bank, to ensure there is always blood available should your dog require it.

We need volunteer donors. Dogs must be between 1 & 8 years old, have never been abroad, on no medication and in good health, be fully vaccinated and be over 25kg body weight.

On arrival at NWS each dog iss weighed to ensure they were over the required 25kg. Each dog receives a full clinical examination by one of the Pet Blood Bank’s vets; this also includes a blood test to ensure they are able to donate. The PBB also send away a blood sample once a year for a full analysis to ensure donors are healthy, and to potentially pick up any changes. Two small patches are clipped from each dog’s neck – one for the blood test and one for the donation. They also check the donor’s microchip – all donations are linked to the dog’s microchip number. Any dog wanting to donate needs to be microchipped and the PBB with do this free of charge at the time of donation.

Once the donor has passed through the pre-donation check, they are then taken through to the donation room. They are then lifted up on to a table with a padded mattress and laid on their left side.   Here a fully qualified phlebotomist collects akbout 450ml of blood. The actual donation takes between 5-10 minutes.

After donation every dog is encouraged to stay at NWS for a short while to have a drink, lots of treats and fuss and to be observed by the PBB staff. Each dog receives a Goodie Bag which included an “I’m a Lifesaver” Bandana and Tag to thank them.

Want to help other dogs? Register now with Pet Blood Bank!