Beth – Hide and See!

beth-allen-before beth-allen-after

Beth was a 3 year old cocker spaniel who had suffered with bilateral droopy eyelids, chronic watery eyes (epiphora), distichia (eye lashes growing inwards) and conjunctivitis since she was 11 months old. She had been treated with various topical eye medications and false tears but still Beth remained uncomfortable with droopy eyelids causing irritation to her eyes and ocular discharge.

Beth had undergone bilateral upper entropion surgery in September 2011 at her own vets with the aim of stopping her eyelids scrolling in. This gave some relief but did not fully resolve the problem.

When Beth first presented at Northwest Surgeons, she was bright and alert but with obvious ptosis (drooping) of the upper eyelids causing a scrolling over (entropion) of the upper eyelids and bilateral ocular discharge. Her eyes were barely visible under the excessive amount of skin.

Beth’s problems were exacerbated when she was sleeping. With her facial muscles relaxed, this caused  her skin to droop more and the eyelashes of her upper eyelids to tuck into her lower lids.

On examination Beth had an excess amount of skin over her temporal region which drooped down causing the eyelids to cover her eyes. Her right eye was affected more than her left but both eyelids covered 1/3 of her corneas.

To correct Beth’s facial droop, she required facial lift surgery to try to significantly lift the heavy overhang of skin on her brow and improve her ability to see and reduce the corneal irritation from the eyelashes.

Beth underwent a general anaesthetic and facial surgery to remove an ellipse of skin from over her temporal region in order to lift her eyelids. The skin was resected from the medial canthal region to the nuchal crest.

Beth recovered well from the surgery and the following day there was already a slight improvement to the facial droop. She was bright and alert and was discharged from the hospital 2 days after the surgery.

Beth’s case was a challenging one but the outcome gave a dramatic improvement for Beth. By the 14th day post operatively she no longer had corneal irritation and ocular discharge. Beth is bright and wide eyed and she can now see the world instead of just the inside of her eye lids.