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At NWVS we have a large and highly qualified nursing team that work tirelessly to provide our patients with the best possible levels of care. With gold standard treatment in mind, our nurses work within their chosen discipline enabling them to become highly specialised and to understand the detailed needs of patients under their care. Our aim as nurses is also to extend our support and knowledge to owners, guiding them through the treatment process as we nurse their pets back to health.

Our service-specific nurses support the patient’s journey through the hospital from admission to discharge, ensuring effective treatment and comfort at all times. They play the role of nurse, anaesthetist, imaging technician, sterile surgical support and radiographer to name just a few and their contribution is vital to the level of care that we provide.

As a specialist referral hospital we encourage our colleagues to take on new challenges within their role and develop clinically through advanced qualifications and practical skills. We also have a dedicated Clinical Trainer who develops a personal development plan for each nurse ranging from induction to advanced nursing skills that are a requirement within the hospital to facilitate our 24 hour advanced nursing care..

Surgical Nurses
  • Rachel Royle RVN
  • Rhian Griffiths-Jones DipAVN (small animal) RVN
  • Stephanie McGarragh DipAVN RVN
Anaesthesia Nurses
  • Adele Rogers RVN
  • Collette Dempsy RVN
  • Emma Horn DipAVN (small animal) RVN
  • Emma Nixon RVN
  • Esther Montrose RVN
  • Hannah Goddard RVN
  • Michelle Moran RVN
  • Victoria Twist RVN
Soft Tissue & Orthopaedics Nurses
  • Hannah Griffiths RVN
  • Louise Kimberley RVN
Pharmacy Nurse
  • Tom Griffiths DipAVN (small animal) RVN
Medicine Nurses
  • Jennifer Whalley RVN
  • Leanne Parry RVN
  • Sophie McMurrough VTS (SAIM) RVN
High Dependency Nurses
  • Rachel Jackson RVN
Night Team
  • Anthony Turner RVN
  • Catarina Ferraro – ACA
  • Hannah Clay RVN
  • Hayley Illidge RVN
  • Jessica Voss – ACA
  • Mary Bailey RVN
  • Natasha Webster – ACA
Neurology Nurses
  • Lauren Buckley RVN
  • Rebecca Rudolf RVN
Oncology Nurses
  • Caroline Boothroyd VTS (SAIM) CertSAN RVN
  • Ellie Sheedy RVN
  • Jodie Thompson-Hughes DipAVN (small animal) RVN
Imaging Practitioners
  • Emma Jones RVN ISFMDipFN
  • Hannah Virtue RVN
  • Kelly O’Connor RVN
  • Monique Jones DipAVN (small animal) RVN
  • Thomas Cooper RVN
Lab Technician
  • Melissa Gaskell
Animal Care Assistants
  • Alex Jacobs
  • Charlotte Booth
  • Lindsay Miller-Tague
  • Olivia Slevin Smith
  • Zoe McCormick
  • Adele Biggs
  • Cathy Rushworth-Jones
  • Katie Garland
  • Lee Feltner
Our specialist nursing team