Soft Tissue Surgery

Northwest Veterinary Specialists – first for soft tissue surgery

Our soft tissue team comprises two experienced RCVS and ECVS specialists Rachel Hattersley and Rachel Burrow  supported by our fantastic team of imagers, anaesthetists and qualified veterinary nurses to ensure each patient receives gold standard care at every step of their journey at our hospital.
The soft tissue team is skilled in a wide range of procedures from thoracic (e.g. lung lobectomy), respiratory (e.g. laryngeal tie-back surgery) and abdominal (e.g. hilar liver lobe resection) surgery to interventional procedures such as subcutaneous ureteral bypass placement for the management of ureteral obstruction in cats. Both our surgeons have a keen interest in surgical oncology and work in close association with our oncology specialists to provide a multi-disciplinary approach to all oncology cases from large tumour resections and complex reconstructions to patients requiring detailed vascular dissections such as adrenal tumours. This ensures that each patient has a treatment plan which is tailored to their individual needs and those of their owner.
The service is available to accept both elective surgical cases and emergencies with access to state of the art imaging and 24 hour nursing and veterinary care. The service also accepts cases from our colleagues in other disciplines such as internal medicine. Our surgeons are supported by a skilled team of theatre nurses who work within our highly equipped theatre suites (including equipment to perform laparoscopic (key-hole) procedures, a range of flexible and rigid endoscopy, operating microscope, fluoroscopy, a full range of surgical staplers and much more).
So why choose soft tissue surgery at Northwest Veterinary Specialists; simply because we aim to provide the very best of specialist level care in a caring and multi-disciplinary environment so you know your pet will be treated as an individual.

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