Northwest Veterinary Specialists gives smile back to rescue dog after being shot with shotgun pellets!

northwest veterinary specialists help rescue dog after being shot with shotgun pellets

Northwest Veterinary Specialists has given a ‘smile’ back to a rescue dog after removing an abscess caused by multiple shotgun pellets.   Brian, a three-year-old Brittany, was adopted from overseas by his owner Alison Slinn. After owning Brian for a year he was referred to NWVS in Runcorn regarding an unrelated issue with his leg.    Surgery…

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Important information – Price increase 2022

Over the last year, we have seen our costs increase significantly and we have absorbed the majority of these additional costs to try and support our customers during difficult times. However, with costs continuing to escalate, our prices need to increase to offset at least some of these higher costs.  These changes will be implemented…

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Why do we need to keep antibiotics working?

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Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria mutate and adapt to reduce the effects of antibiotics. Antibiotics can also affect ‘good bacteria’ and cause harm. New antibiotic drugs are not easy to develop, so we need to preserve the efficiency of the drugs we have. Antibacterial resistance is a global One Health concern for People, Planet and…

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Protect your pet from the sun

As we head into the summer months in Runcorn and temperatures start rising, it’s important to remember that your pets are most vulnerable at this time to many injuries and illnesses which are brought on by hot weather, including sunburn, foot pad burns, dehydration and the most dangerous of all, heatstroke. While heat stress is…

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Air rifle shot shatters cat’s leg

Obi - Air rifle story

A shocked cat lover has told the shameful story of how her precious pet was seriously wounded after being shot by an air rifle. The one-year-old cat, called Obi, suffered a shattered leg in the shooting and needed a two-hour operation to remove the pellet and repair the widespread damage. Obi’s owner Hayley Williams, from…

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Festive turkey bone scare for westie Alfie

Alfie - chicken bone story

A beloved Westie who suffered a very unhappy new year after he gobbled down a festive turkey bone is none the worse for wear after the swift actions of the Northwest Veterinary Specialists team Alfie, the 11-year-old West Highland White Terrier spent the new year bank holiday receiving emergency treatment after the bone became stuck…

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Micro-surgery on miniature dog makes massive difference


A miniature dog who could barely move and was in constant pain after suffering serious spinal damage is back on his feet thanks to intricate surgery using tiny screws to stabilise his vertebrae. Two-year-old Chihuahua cross Tyson weighed just 1.7kg, which posed a heavyweight challenge for our experts here at NWVS. Scans revealed Tyson had…

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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

Christmas and New Year Opening Hours May we take this opportunity to wish our clients, patients and referring veterinary professionals a relaxing Christmas and a healthy and happy 2022.

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Help us to keep antibiotics working…

What is antibiotic resistance? Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria develops mechanisms to reduce the effects of the antibiotic. These mechanisms evolve through mutation and adaptation. Mutations can be good or bad for bacteria. In some cases, the mutation kills the bacteria and it may provide the bacteria with a survival advantage. The survival advantage may include…

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Important Information

We have recently carried out a review of our prices. These changes will be implemented from 1 December 2021. Please note that all existing quotes prior to 1 December will be honoured for four weeks. If you have any questions, please speak to a member of our team. Thank you for your continued support.

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