Cat Friendly Clinic

Gold accreditation for Northwest Veterinary Specialists

We are extremely proud that Northwest Veterinary Specialists has achieved Gold accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC). The CFC programme has been developed by the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the leading feline charity International Cat Care.

The CFC programme aims to promote well-being and high standards of care for all cats visiting or being hospitalised in a veterinary clinic. A clinic has to prove rigorous adherence to a set of criteria which includes provision of facilities and demonstration of staff activities and attitudes aimed at reducing stress in cats, both as in-patients and out-patients. The criteria includes having separate dog and cat waiting areas, feline-friendly hospitalisation cages, and veterinary equipment specifically for treating cats. Most importantly, staff are encouraged to approach and handle cats sensitively and respectfully.

Emma and Leanne cat advocates

What Services Do We Offer?

At NWVS, we recognise that cats have their own unique requirements. These special considerations are taken into account from the moment your cat comes into our hospital, and also when investigating and managing their illnesses. We have:

  • Cat advocate and Registered Veterinary Nurse, Emma Coogan dedicated to training new staff how to nurse cats with appreciation of their specific needs
  • Dedicated waiting room for cats: our cat lounge ensures anxiety is reduced
  • Separate consulting room for cats: no smell of dogs to cause fear
  • Two owners can come into the consultation
  • Water fountains and scratching facilities available to cats
  • Separate cat ward: ensures peaceful environment
  • Cat appropriate equipment: small scales, quiet clippers, small volume blood tubes, blood pressure monitoring, continuous blood glucose monitoring

Cat Owner Testimonials

The vet explained every option I had regarding my cat issue and despite being very emotional, I felt he was in an excellent place and I was making the right decision to leave him and go ahead with the operation. I received updates during the days my cat stayed in the clinic (more than once a day) and they were always available and very kind when I phoned them after I took my cat home.

My cat needed an urgent appointment and was booked in the same day which I was really impressed with. All the staff were friendly and my cat was diagnosed straight away which was helpful to us as we were very worried about him. The care they gave my cat, I was very grateful for, so definitely recommend this practice.

The vets are brilliantly kind and compassionate. I felt that the staff loved my cat really genuinely and treated him as though he was one of their own.

Everyone was extremely helpful, detailed information was provided at every opportunity and I received regular updates via phonecalls. The whole service was efficient and well-organised. Our cat received fantastic care.