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Why Northwest Veterinary Specialists?

Northwest Veterinary Specialists is a multi-disciplinary specialist referral hospital.

We have RCVS and European Recognised Specialists in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Oncology, Cardiology, Orthopaedic and Soft Tissue Surgery. We have a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach, to find the best management for our patients.

Many of our nurses have done further advanced qualifications, including RCVS nursing diplomas and we have two of the few nurses in the UK to have American Veterinary Technician Specialist qualifications.

We have on-site CT and MRI machines, as well as a highly-qualified team of diagnostic imagers and ultrasonographers.

What is a veterinary Specialist?

A veterinary Specialist is someone who has passed specialist examinations after completing a rigorous full time three year post-graduate training position (a residency) in a recognised specialist training centre.

Specialists are accredited by one (or more) of three groups of professional bodies: The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS Recognised Specialists); one of the European specialist colleges (European Recognised Specialists) or one of the American specialist colleges.

Specialists must have completed clinical research and had at least two scientific papers published in a peer-reviewed internationally-recognised veterinary journal. They must present their research at international conferences for scrutiny by specialist vets.

Even after passing the very challenging examinations, specialists have to re-accredit every 5 years, by means of further publications, demonstrating their contribution to training other specialists and continuing their work in specialist referral centres.

Fewer than 0.4% of vets in the UK are RCVS Recognised Specialists. There are fewer than 100 European Recognised Specialists in Internal Medicine in the UK.