10 early warning signs of cancer in our pets

Pet Cancer

Identifying early signs of possible cancer and getting a quick diagnosis can help to save the lives of our pets. Here we provide some information on things you can look out for: 1 Lumps and bumps on or under the skin Regularly run your hands gently across your pet’s skin, feeling for any lumps or…

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New Developments in Oncology – Electrochemotherapy

The Oncology service at Northwest Veterinary Specialists is overseen by Mary Marrington and Jessica Grant, both of whom are RCVS and European Oncology Specialists. Over the last year, we have continued to expand the service and now have 2 oncology residents, Lavra Zajc and Estel.la  Ciriano Cerda together with 3 dedicated oncology nurses. We strive…

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Meg’s Story

Meg was diagnosed with multicentric lymphoma in February 2018. She was started on a chemotherapy protocol which involved 16 treatments given over 25 weeks. Here is Meg today, in remission and receiving her ‘completion certificate’ after undertaking the treatment protocol for the second time. We look forward to seeing Meg for her check-up appointments.

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