Lavra Zajc

Oncology Resident

DVM, MRCVS, Resident in Oncology

Lavra graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. After graduation she worked as an intern in a referral hospital Animal hospital Postojna, where she became passionate about oncology and then for three years as a veterinary surgeon in a first opinion clinic. During this time, she completed several externships in the UK and USA. In 2017 she started with a rotating internship program at Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Essex, UK, before joining Northwest Veterinary Specialists in October 2018 for an oncology specific internship. In May 2019 she started a 3 year oncology residency at the hospital to enable her to become a board-certified oncology specialist. She is also very enthusiastic about continuous professional development, regularly attending world congresses and very keen on research work.

Outside of work, Lavra enjoys long walks in nature with her Belgian shepherd Missoury and spending time with her family and friends. She loves to play tennis and go for a bikram yoga class on a Sunday evening.