Bob returns to normal cat life

12 August 2020 / General

Bob is a lovely 8-year-old domestic short-hair cat who was presented for investigation of inability to walk properly and incoordination. A complete neurological examination revealed that Bob appeared subdued, he showed an aimless gait and he was constantly circling to the right. MRI and CT scans of Bob’s brain were obtained and revealed an intracranial abscess in the right temporal lobe secondary to a penetrating injury (Fig 1 and 2), which was likely a cat bite.

Fig 1
Fig 2

Medical therapy was promptly started, and 2 days after admission, a brain surgery (right temporo-parietal craniotomy) was carried out. The intracranial abscess was drained and and some abnormal tissue was debrided from the abscess capsule (Fig 3 and 4).

Fig 3
Fig 4

Bob recovered very well from the general anaesthesia and was discharged 4 days after the intracranial surgery. Bob is now enjoying been outside again and has a normal cat life!