Festive turkey bone scare for westie Alfie

Alfie - chicken bone story

A beloved Westie who suffered a very unhappy new year after he gobbled down a festive turkey bone is none the worse for wear after the swift actions of the Northwest Veterinary Specialists team Alfie, the 11-year-old West Highland White Terrier spent the new year bank holiday receiving emergency treatment after the bone became stuck…

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Micro-surgery on miniature dog makes massive difference


A miniature dog who could barely move and was in constant pain after suffering serious spinal damage is back on his feet thanks to intricate surgery using tiny screws to stabilise his vertebrae. Two-year-old Chihuahua cross Tyson weighed just 1.7kg, which posed a heavyweight challenge for our experts here at NWVS. Scans revealed Tyson had…

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Bobby bounces back

Bobby is a lovely 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier, presented for investigation of progressive inability to use both his hindlimbs. After a complete neurological examination, it was decided to proceed with MRI scans of Bobby’s thoracolumbar region. The MRI revealed a large intradural-extramedullary mass on the left side of the L1 vertebra (Fig 1). A CT…

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Sam saved after life-threatening stick injury

Sam is a 6-year-old rough collie with a zest for life and – unfortunately – a love for chasing sticks. On one fateful day in June, Sam was playing with a stick and grabbed it end-on as it was landing, impaling himself. His owner managed to pull the stick out of his mouth, but after returning…

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Rosie’s acupuncture success

Rosie was referred to Northwest Veterinary Specialists in April 2017 for further investigation of an initial left fore lameness which had shifted to the right fore limb.  Treatment with meloxicam and exercise restriction had led to an improvement in the stiffness after rest, but the lameness remained on walks.  Rosie’s normal exercise was 45-60 minute…

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