Bobby bounces back

15 July 2020 / Dog, General

Bobby is a lovely 5-year-old Jack Russell terrier, presented for investigation of progressive inability to use both his hindlimbs.

After a complete neurological examination, it was decided to proceed with MRI scans of Bobby’s thoracolumbar region. The MRI revealed a large intradural-extramedullary mass on the left side of the L1 vertebra (Fig 1). A CT scan of the whole body did not reveal additional significant abnormalities.

  • Fig 1

It was decided to proceed with de-bulking surgery of the mass at L1 which was performed using our dedicated neurosurgical microscope (Fig 2). The spinal mass could only be partially removed (subjectively approximately 80% of the mass was excised) as it adhered markedly to the surrounding meninges, spinal cord and vessels.

  • Fig 2

The excised tissue was submitted for histopathological analysis and the results showed that the mass was a meningioma – a common neoplasia of the central nervous system in dogs.

After surgery, Bobby started to show some improvement and, after 1 month, Bobby is doing remarkably well:

Well done Bobby!