What to expect from the neurological consultation to advanced imaging

23 September 2020 / General

Commonly, we need to carry out a step-by-step diagnostic investigation approach which could take a few days. During the consultation, the neurologist will firstly ask the owners a few questions to better understand whether their pet is affected by a neurological condition and to broadly define which neurological disease the pet is likely to suffer from. The neurologist will then carry out a complete neurological examination and will discuss with the owners the suggested diagnostic process which may include blood tests, diagnostic imaging (MRI and/or CT scanning, ultrasonography), cerebrospinal fluid analysis, electrodiagnostic investigations.

Where possible, we may carry out all the diagnostic investigations on the same day. However, this is not often the case as we are a busy multidisciplinary hospital seeing many emergencies. Emergency cases must take priority, which can impact the schedule for other patients. Therefore, it is often the case that we need to postpone the diagnostic investigations to another day.

Neurosurgical microscope

We are one of the few veterinary hospitals using a neurosurgical microscope for spinal and brain surgery in small animals. The surgical microscope features brilliant illumination and customisable options to offer the quality and reliability needed to perform outstanding neurosurgery in small animals.

Please have a look at an article that we have published about the use of the operative microscope in modern veterinary neurosurgery.

To view a few neurosurgical procedures performed with the aid of our neurosurgical microscope, click here.